Welcome to MUSIXX, serving the Kenyan Music Community since 2006. We have been integral in providing quality musical accessories, instruments, and repair services that have been largely appreciated because of the problem of having cheap instruments and accessories currently flooding the Kenyan market. Having partnered with one of USA's largest music and audio distribution chains, as well as UK's largest book distribution outlet, we have access to literally thousands of items that meet the needs of the student, semi-professional and truly professional musician. Our business policies are set to high standards to ensure a pleasurable and satisfying buyer experience.




30 July, 2014 - Broken Shipping Timelines

We have two large heavily waited consignments that are bout to hit the airport, one from our small package center in CA and one from our large package center in PA. Consolidation of cargo has been extremely slow this year, and as of now, we concede that the shipping timetables previously followed by MUSIXX are now broken. We can no longer predict when cargo will arrive because we have no control over the speed of consolidation. This has never happened in the history of our business, it's just a bad year financially for many customers. All new orders being placed will be delivered to either two warehouses and patience will need to be exercised by our customers while the consolidation comes to completion. Note that shipout can only occur if a quota is reached. We are sorry for the inconvenience that our clients have who placed orders between April and July.


9 May, 2014 - LCM NEWS

New LCM rates and book prices announced due to the exchange rate deterioration (sorry!). LCM practical registrations are OPEN! Registration closes 1st August. Also the book rates have been updated.



We are sorry for the slow shipping turnaround this year. The plain truth is that orders have been coming in slower than usual, it seems the economy has taken it's toll on many of our clients. We only ship if a shipment has matured with enough goods, and this is what has been taking longer than usual. We ask for your patience if you have a long awaited order on the timeline. The turnaround times have been averaging 8 weeks from our normal 4 - 6 week period.


17 February, 2014

New LCM rates are up. Check them out on the LCM Information link.


20 January, 2014 - MUSIXX A SCAM?


We have been graced by phone calls from a number of expatriates who ask for one thing - "Where is your shop?". When we answer that we don't have one and we don't plan on having one, we get mixed hilarious responses from "don't call me again" to "you are a scamming website!". It is unfortunate that to this day brick and mortar stores seem to have high prominence over the excellent products we offer, yet a lot of these same businesses offer cheap substandard instruments and accessories. We offer variety, high quality goods and services and we keep our word. But don't take our word for it - just randomly ask any of our clients from our client list. You will see we have served many happy clients. MUSIXX is a legitimate, respected and trusted business. Oh, and we are the ONLY one among our competitors who answer emails. Try it!


4 January, 2014 - NEW ORDERS UNDERWAY


Happy new year everyone! New orders are being consolidated beginning today. We have a new online tracking system that will be given to all new order clients. There you will see step by step progress on your order from the consolidation process, flight details and customs clearing all the way to delivery. Now you can be able to see what's happening where and when on your order. All new orders welcome.





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