Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are your prices fixed?

We at MUSIXX have a very strict work ethic. The truth is, whenever you get businessmen who tell you that a price is flexible and you need to bargain (“bei ya kuongea”), it really means they have overpriced an item to begin with. We do not find this very ethical nor do we have the time to play such games. We have just one price – the price. We find that this makes our buyers confident that there are no mind games being played. Another thing about fixed pricing is the peace of mind that there are no adjustments based on client’s pocket sizes. Ex-patriates and foreign buyers get the same price as local citizens. This gives our buyers a sense of security. Therefore when we tell you we are giving a promo or discount price, it really IS a true discount.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

It depends on the item. Some have longer warrantees, but most student instruments carry a 12 month warranty. The warranty is against manufacturer’s defects. This means that it will not cover abuse and mis use. The warranty works – if a defect is detected it is either repaired or replaced free of charge. We do not harass our clients who attempt to claim warrantees.

What is your payment policy?

Our orders are pre-paid. Pre-payment relieves the burden of businesses taking credit facilities which actually add on to operational cost that translate in more expensive pricing. We have several payment options. This reduces the stress level of money transfer to us as well as keeping our clients happy. See our orders page for more information.

Do you deliver anywhere in Kenya?

Yes. Delivery of instruments takes place countrywide. We ship across the country using EMS and G4S courier. Items are well packed to withstand the transit. Damaged items on arrival are replaced upon return by the customer.

Do I clear my own items when I buy through MUSIXX?

No. Your instruments are delivered to your door.

I never received a reply to my email.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We absolutely reply to each and every email that we receive. Sometimes our spam filters do filter genuine emails. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please call our number and let us know to search for it in the spam. We get almost 50 spam emails a day so it can be difficult to spot if we are not pre-informed.

Do you have a retail store I could check out?

No, and we are not planning to open one. Retail stores come with their own set of complications that we are not ready to deal with. In our experience, retail stores are also limiting to the buyer – you only choose what you see. MUSIXX offers unlimited options for you. We like to keep it that way. Once you get what you want, you will want us to keep it that way too.

Can I trust you with my money? Which clients have you served?

MUSIXX has served many individual customers and institutions – all who pre pay. A partial list of institutions that we have served are:

  • Fountain Media Group
  • Roslyn Academy
  • International Christian Center
  • Peponi Schools (prep and secondary)
  • Hillcrest prep & Secondary Schools
  • St Andrews School Turi
  • Kenton College
  • House of Grace church
  • The French School
  • Martyn Donaldson Music Trust, UK
  • Nairobi Waldorf Academy
  • Braeburn School Garden Estate
  • Juja Preparatory School
  • Kenya Conservatoire of music
  • IPSOS Synovate Group – Media Department
  • St. Christopher’s Secondary School, Karen
  • Tim Rimbui / Ennovator¬†Music Studios
  • All Saints Cathedral

You are free to check out our services by contacting these institutions. Denis (founder of MUSIXX) is also a percussions instructor at Peponi School and Peponi House School, as well as handles country exam registrations for London College of music, an enormous financial responsibility. It is really in his best interest not to make you loose your money. Be rest assured that your funds are handled responsibly and professionally.

Can I get a copy of the import duty receipt?

No. MUSIXX shipments are consolidated and consist of multiple clients at a time. The import documents and tax forms are not the client’s documents – they are the company’s documents. If in doubt, please go to the customs department on the KRA website and check out the tax tariffs for music instruments. You will find that your quote accurately reflects the fees.

Why are prices on the internet from US retail stores lower than your prices?

The main factor that determines the cost of products in Kenya is the taxes. Fact is, it is unrealistic to expect to pay identical prices with the US because our taxes are high. Not only are there import taxes, but there are other government-related fees that add to the cost of goods. If you suspect you may get better prices from the US by shopping directly, try it out. Many of our customers have been traumatized after they are handed a clearing fee that almost exceeds the price of the products they are importing. This is just reality – we have poor tax laws.

If I accept a quote, will I ever pay any extra money?

No. We 100% honor our quotes, even if we realize later that we have underquoted (and it has happened on occasion). As long as the quote has not expired, what you see is what you pay. Many businesses have disclaimers that they use to make more money after quoting. We do not do that. With MUSIXX, you have peace of mind of seeing exactly what you are to pay before committing. HOWEVER, if we over quote, you will be informed and a credit will be put in your account for future purchases.

Why cant I have a cheap instrument I want even if it falls below your quality threshold?

Because you will blame us for selling you a lemon when the instrument breaks.

Why are most of your items not in stock? What is your nominal back order timeline?

MUSIXX does not have a large storage facility. Our goal is to meet musical needs, not stock up endlessly. With time, we are developing a list of items that are commonly bought and strive to have these in stock. But most times, people really want very different customized items to meet their particular needs. Stocking up will not help. HOWEVER, we have one of shortest back order timeline in the business. Other retail stores back order for 3 – 5 months. We have a nominal back order timeline of 3 weeks – as long as the item is in stock with our supplier. If the item is not in stock we will give you a timeline that is accurate. If we need consolidation to make shipping costs lighter, our nominal back order timeline is about 5 weeks. The only exception is orders made in December begin shipping out in January.

Why don't you ship in December?

December is a bad month. From past experience, we have encountered complications that have been very costly to our business. Extreme weather (which affects our two critical airports, JFK and LHR), holiday rush, customs delays due to understaffing and higher transit costs make December a nightmare to have shipments in transit. Because of this, we have found that the stress and hassle is not worth the effort. We kindly ask that you place your orders by 25th October for the last shipment of the year, and any orders placed thereafter will be shipped in January.

Do I have to buy a Power Transformer for my equipment since they are of USA origin?

Since our supplier is in the USA, naturally there is a concern that electrical components that use AC power will not be compatible with our voltages. USA use 110V and we use 240V. When importing products, we normally are careful to make sure that the item is either auto ranging or manually switchable to 240V. If it is manually switchable, we make the modification for you. This sometimes entails us opening the unit and physically switching the voltage from the inside. This however DOES NOT in any way affect the operation of the unit nor does it affect the MUSIXX warranty. When the unit has been switched from the inside, you will normally see the 110V writing printed on the power inlet blacked out. Note that circuitry is NOT modified during this process, just switched to allow 240V input.

NOTE: Some items are EXCLUSIVELY made for distribution in the US market and no modification or switch is physically provided for to 240V. We can still supply such items, but in this case we make it clear before purchase that you will need to have a step down transformer handy when you buy these. We can supply the transformer, but we only supply premium units at extra cost. With today’s options and technology, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy an American made product.

Can I opt out of the VAT receipt to save some money?